Monday, 19 June 2006

'How to forgive' By My Boss

So this was pretty much the scene at work today:

My boss: (On the phone to her financial adviser) "so what I'm saying Ian is that is you were doing your job properly, we wouldn't be in this mess, you have until monday to get those documents processed (and you and I both know it takes on adverage 14 days) or we loose £8,000 and keep our mortgagee or we lose our house!"

This was followed by Paula slamming the phone down, swearing a bit and generally getting quite upset (quite rightly so! I felt really bad for her.)

She then finds out if he goes to her building society and gets a certain document, all would be well. So off she ran, (only to come back seconds later to get a hat saying that it was raining and she didn't want her hair to get frizzy) to the building society, 20 minutes later, she had what she needed, phone Ian, got it all sorted.

This had started at about 1pm today and she had been stressing out for the whole afternoon, so come 5pm my boss had been stressed to the max, had been shouting on the phone to Ian which had caused her to get upset with her husband (who had apparently agreed to use Ian at a football match) and caused her to get no work done. Then, after it had been sorted out, my boss was on the phone to Ian being quite chatty saying "well, I'm glad that is over, though I have to say, I'll never recommend you to anyone I know"

Then came the bit that got me most, after she got off the phone, she said something like thats the thing with me, I just can't be horrible to people, referring the chatty tone of her conversation with Ian) yes, I know he upset me, but (and she said this next bit without a second thought) I've forgiven him now."

This guy almost lost her and her husband their new house, he had already done this with the other house they were meant to be buying 4 weeks ago exactly the same way, but without even pondering it, she had forgiven him and gone down the pub for a lager and shandy.

Why does it take me, (this Christian who knows what the price of grace actually means), so long to forgive other when it took someone who just lives formal life literally a second!?

Needless to say, I'll feeling pretty challenged.

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Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

don't beat yourself up over it..

Peter wanted to slice off the Roman's ear in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus just waved his magicful fingers and forgave them all (inc Peter)

Forgivenss isn't a race, and, by the sound sof it, she seems to have the virtue of ficklety and being removed from `love` as a way of life, so of course, forgivness to her means less than it woudl to the bonefied Christian