Wednesday, 28 June 2006

I think I feel sick

So, on the way back from work today I stopped in one of those shops that sells imported food like noodles, rice, spices and stuff. I had been meaning to stop in there for ages as I knew I would find some gem of the food variety.

All in all I was kinda out of my depth as I generally didn't know what I was looking for, and ended up buying some rice noodles, banana chilli sauce (which is crazy hot) and a tin of tomatoes (the same brand that you can buy in tescos!) So I'm cooking my tea; diced chicken with red onions and yellow pepper fried with this amazing seasoning and bouillion, looks and smells great! Mean while I had my rice noodles soaking, and then at the right time combined the two adding the chilli sauce for a bit of fire. All was going well, then (and here is where my happy happy joy joy cooking fun goes a little wrong), out of the corner of my eye I spy a bug running across the work top, not thinking I just grab a saucepan and squish it, I then put this little moment out of my head and serve up. I was gonna put some out for Ben but realised there wouldn't be enough so I piled it high in a bowl and started munching.

Chomp chomp chomp

As I'm nearing half way, Elizabeth (my other house mate) comes home, for some reason she lifts up the saucepan and says: "erm, Dave, you need to have a look at this" to which I replied
"yeah, I knew about that, I saw him running away so I got him, sorry, I was midway through cooking otherwise I would have got rid of him"
"It looks like a cockroach"
"nah, i don't think it is, probably a dune bug or something"
"I'm really not so sure"
"I'll ask Ben in a while, he might know"
I said as I continued eating my tea (which, I wasn't so impressed with, I might just stick with rice next time, noodles seemed a bit bland.) It was at this point I remembered I saw the bug thing running away from the same area that my opened packet of noodles was..."surely not!" I thought to myself as I munched regardless (kinda wishing I wasn't so stubborn.)
"It couldn't have come from your noodles, I would have been dead already if it was imported" Elizabeth helpfully pointed out, I wasn't so convinced. I concluded to myself that the idea that this little beastie wasn't actually a dune bug...feeling slightly dirty inside I searched on wikipedia and found this:

"The cockroach is also one of the hardiest insects on the planet, capable of living for a month without food and remaining alive headless for up to a week. It can also hold its breath for 45 minutes and has the ability to slow down its heart rate."

I think I'm gonna throw up in my mouth :(

One thing, do I approach that shop and tell them about it so they can sort it out, or do I shop them to health and safety? This is someone livelyhood here, I won't want to mess things up for them, but I don't want to eat stuff a cockroach has lived in for a month! (I don't think I'll shop there again.)

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eek dave - that's not good!