Monday, 26 June 2006

Jesus and KFC

Today we moved offices, I wasn't hugely up for it, not only did I lose my nice place next to the window over looking the trees and thingys, but we now have to share with some of the other high profile teams...which means we can't make so much noise, or for the smokers on the team...have fag breaks ever 45 minutes!

Anyway, so I wasn't feeling brilliant, it was probably due to me not eating breakfast too, I couldn't focus and found myself questioning what on earth I was doing in this job in the first place!? All the training I had recieved disappeared from my head leaving me feeling very stupid and very helpless.

Lunch time soon came around though and I decided I would treat myself to some KFC, I'm normally a sandwich man, but today, I need the satisfaction of knowing I was eating the flesh of a small defenseless animal. So anyway, I find myself standing in KFC asking the guy what I should buy, (I always do this, the theory is that they have tried everything atleast 4 times and would know what is best...more often than not the answer I get is completely unhelpful and I end up ingnoring their suggestions anyway.)

(On a slightly obscure but soon to be related note, I don't like cold chairs, I like to sit down and have had it pre warmed by some people with great circulation.)

There I am by myself in KFC and I find my warm. Normally I would be like, "cool, warm seat", but today it was different, today I sat down, felt the warm seat and felt God say "yes, I'm always with you, even at work while you're on your lunch break (eating your junk food)" Gotta love his humour!

It made me think of that song, I think its a song, the one that says "I just called to tell you that I love you", it wasn't a huge thing, it was God just reminding me he was there. I say just God reminding me, but it was actually a big deal to me. Funny thing, when I got back, all those problems that seemed so big that morning didn't really appear so bad after all.

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