Wednesday, 5 July 2006

"The Devil has been around a long time...and he doesn't play fair."

"The Devil has been around a long time...and he doesn't play fair." - Danny Doran-Smith

So, I'm sitting there in meeting about reality and I wrote this down:

I just felt the devil attack.
Danny said how he mentors Pete, Danny is a great man of God, I felt a wave of jealously come upon me. I felt resentment for Pete. I wished l was mentored by Danny, to me it said that Pete was chosen because of his qualities & that his were better than mine.
But bless Pete God!
Thankyou that you have put them together!
Bless that relationship that he will grow more in you.
And for me, help me focus on my relationship with you, don't let me compare myself with anyone else because to be honest, its how l connect with you, not how others connect and how that measures against my spritual life.

And then:

Danny was talking about how some of the people in the prayer teams would be put with more experienced people, this got me thinking "I wonder if I will be a leader" (that was my ego kicking in again) Then l felt the Devil tell me that l was worthless, that l'm in experienced that l'm not up to being the leader, but l am. (Whether I want to be or not is another thing tho! haha!) I'm not being arrogant but l have been doing stuff like this for 5 years, l do have the knowlege, l do have the experience, and l can do all things through christ who give me strength!!
So suck on that Devil.


Margaret said...

I love your take! It's fresh! Great blogging and great message! You're right, he doesn't play fair - but you gots the power to stomp on his ugly behind now.


sparkles said...

Yeah that's so true. You authority over the devil in Jesus' name.

Something I think we all need reminding of regularly!

And don't worry, I had similar thoughts along the lines of 'I wish I had a mentor, how come he has and I haven't?'

But as you say, God bless Pete and all that the mentoring relationship is doing for Danny and Pete.

Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

quiet happy humility is how I think Jesus wants us to be