Thursday, 24 August 2006

If you act silly, you will look like a me

Yesterday I was in CLC and I bought a book by Adrian Plass called:


I went back to the office and read some of it, I then bought it home.
Before I went to be I read about a sentence before passing out.
Today Sonia picked me up and saw I had a book and said "Oh, you've got a book, what is it?"
not being bothered to explain I just said "Oh, nothing you would like", she laughed and I walked to the office.
During the day I read some more and gave another half arsed comment about it.

Then, (now heres where it all gets a bit silly) we are in the car driving home and I purposefully turn the book over and place it on my lap (covering it with my hand), we pick up another guy to take home and then set off. During the journey Sonia says "so whats that book anyway!?" and grabs it, "OH... (between splutters if laughter) its one of those books! And you covered it up so I wouldn't see it! (she laughs some more...I didn't look in the mirror to see the other guy's expression)

I felt stupid, why wasn't I honest? why was I ashamed? I feel poop (not just cos of this)


sparkles said...

cuz you're human, because you're like the rest of us. So many times we pass up the opportunities. I guess the only answer is to say sorry, and move on. Try again. Take two etc. Don't beat yourself up cuz it will lead you to fail again. I know!

On a side - I was looking at that book in the market place at momentum yesterday...

Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

Germany's a very beige country, perhaps you're still a bit beige.

sreiously tho, gd choixce of book!

Dave said...

Thanks again Helen, you're tops!
The book by the way is really good, I must admit I'm only a few pages in, but considering it was bought on a whim from reading a random page, I'm quite happy with my investment.


Laura said...

Adrian Plass rules