Saturday, 26 August 2006

To husbands and soon to be's

What would you do if someone attacked your wife/soon to be person?
Mel and I have been talking about it recently and I'm just wondering what your response would be.
Do you defend her and make sure she is safe?
Defend and fight back?
Go for it tooth and nail?

I would say the first option is the minimum, just making sure she is out of harms way.
Option 2 I would say is defending and disabling the attacker.
And 3, well, they laid a finger on your wife, they get what they deserve.

What is the 'christian' response?
We are called to be men, not cowards, fight for them, but where do you draw the line?

A 'pastor' of a church in norwich once said about someone I know that she is "used goods", now, even just typing that makes my blood boil and I can think of many a cuss word that I could use to discribe that 'pastor'. I mean didn't this guy ever read that verse about how "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God?" Did he never read the words 'grace' and 'mercy'...maybe he did but completely missed the point.

I was thinking about what if I went up to the leader of my church (Ian Savory) and started disrespecting his wife or daughter? One guy I know (a solid solid man of God) has said to me many times before, he can take most things, but if anyone laid a finger on his family, that person wouldn't just have a broken finger.
I like that about him, his loves his family so passionatly that he will (and I have no doubt about this) fight for them, he would lay down his life for them.

Going back to this 'pastor', if he said this about my friend's daughter, he would most definatly be up against the wall quicker than you can say 'awesome', so why does he feel saying that about one of GOD'S daughters that its acceptable? I mean, thats one of God's children, if my friend is protective over his children, how much more is God?

Ah, it just makes me so ANGRY, how do you respond? How do you be christlike when you just want to knock someone out??

So yeah, answers on a postcard.


Dave said...

No thoughts as yet?

Dave said...

Bunch of cop out pansies!

Laura said...

I think protection is most important to be (to be protected and to protected others), I guess Ben will have to beat everyone up

Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

finally got your comment thang to werk.

When it comes to fighting, I've been in three fights in my life, I won them all (somehow... I've never not been a weed, but two were with a heretic), but I still adopt the duck and go limp technique though.

Thing is, I see if I was so inclined, I could get mussle and learn to punch, but to be honest, I'd sooner train my wit and my humility to not need to *proove* my manliness.

If someone was attacking La then I'd obviously step it, and if it came to it, willingly sarcifice that me I am to protect her... but I don't think La would wnat me to whack people who eye her up at the bar or punch someone beyond self defence.