Saturday, 16 September 2006

He does not forget me

[23:16] Him: i'll chat to you soon though mate
[23:16] Him: sleep well
[23:16] Me: ok mate
[23:16] Me: take care
[23:17] Him: what you doing on the net this late? you being good?
[23:17] Me: thanks mate
[23:17] Him: sorry to ask, just trying to help with stuff
[23:17] Me: I appriciate you asking
[23:17] Him: :S
[23:17] Him: really?
[23:17] Him: i feel awkward
[23:17] Me: yes I do
[23:17] Him: cool
[23:17] Him: that's cool then
[23:17] Me: I'm doing ok
[23:17] Him: (Y)
[23:17] Me: I find I come under attack most in my dreams
[23:18] Me: and so I'm praying that God will protect my dreams
[23:18] Me: and he has EVERY day i asked
[23:18] Him: sweet
[23:18] Him: that's cool dave

After what happened the other week, its cool when someone challenges you.
I almost forgot tho I had been praying before I went to sleep, its crazy how much it changes things. Even in all of this, God is good, he does not forget me.

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