Thursday, 28 September 2006

the ass just stays kicked!

How do I post youtube videos again?
Well anyway, be a darlin' and go here will ya?
Its a very talented impressionist from frenzyboard

Ok, so I heard:

Fry (from futurama) performing 'get it started' by the black eyed peas'
Homer Simpson performing 'take me out' by Franz Ferdinand
Hank from (King of the Hill) performing 'Speed of sound' cold play
Dr Zoidburg (from futurama) doing a pussy cat dolls track
Comic book guy (from The Simpsons)

Lots more, you should check it out, no really you should

1 comment:

sparkles said...

lol that's funny.

You put it in your blog by copy and pasting the 'embedded' code on the right of the video.

I would paste it in here, but it won't let me ;)