Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Band practice

So I just got back from (ok, I watched TV first) band practice at church.
I'm playing 3rd bass ^_^ and am loving it.
Its sooo nice to be able to play with other people and play at a decent volume.
I think I'm improving alot and its fun to try out new things, fingers are a bit sore tho, but I have concluded thats a good thing.
I love I also have the space to worship, funny thing, I found a while back that I can get more into worship when I'm playing guitar, sometimes I would stand in church and imagine I was playing along, and or some bizzare reason, I was able to connect more in the worship. (I never claimed to be normal you know). Playing bass gives me a more tangable way of doing that, while I love playing accoustic, bass is great for the time being.
What else? I oh, I love the fact I can sing along and no one can hear me. I'm not particularly gifted when it comes to the vocal side of things, but I would like to work on that. When I'm standing in my little corner, I don't feel the pressure of worrying about people hearing what I'm droning, so thats good.

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sparkles said...

that's really cool mate :D