Thursday, 26 October 2006

Oh to be a Manly Man

[21:50] Me: I'm gonna try and be manly and go get a bottle of beer

[21:50] Me: brb

[21:50] Her: ok

[21:52] Me: yeah

[21:52] Me: well MANLY

[21:52] Me: a travel sized grolsch

[21:52] Me: which is actually lager

[21:52] Me: eck

[21:52] Me: nasty

[21:53] Her: lol!

[21:53] Me: how can people like this stuff?

[21:53] Me: I'm pouring it away

[21:53] Her: the things men do to be manly

[21:53] Me: I fail as a man

[21:54] Me: you doing nursing?

[21:54] Her: i am yes

[21:54] Me: ok

[21:55] Her: its good

[21:56] Me: you are named as 'Nurse Becky' on my msn

[21:56] Me: and have been for years

[21:56] Me: just thought I had better check it was right

[21:56] Me: ewwwww and now I'm burping smelly lagar burps


Phil said...

Oh to be a Godly man.

Nothing more manly than that.

Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

Freakin' amen and a half to that, Phil!