Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Thoughts while at work

I'm in my 9th minute of hold music and I just got a really christmasy feeling, it could be the strings of the orchestra (sp?) Today being being kinda cool, well, the work side of it is slow, contacting people I need to speak to hasn't been the easiest of tasks and stuff, but otherwise all good.

I've been praying more which is always a positive thing to be doing, I'm really excited about the conference I'm going to tomorrow. Its a 'prophetic seers' (is that see[ers] or something else?) conference and I'm really excited about it. I'm excited about what God is going to do, he's been saying so much recently it seems only fair that he speak to me when I pay for it! (I kid I kid) But still, its going to be cool. I have no idea what I'm letting myself in for and I like that.
(am on hold again after speaking to a girl called Hannah for about a minute or two, 18 minutes and counting)

I realised the other day a few things that are things I need to sort out:

1. I don't know the books of the bible - realised on sunday when Ang let me read her bible. The guy speaking made reference to another verse and I didn't know whether to flick the pages left or right...and I wasn't going to risk looking silly by running my thumb over the pages like a flick book. Silly!
So I'm gonna have a bash at sorting that one out.

2. I don't think I actually have a bible that I call my own. Its silly! After 7 official years of being a christian (march the 6th WWMT concert...oh I KNOW, its a cliché) I've gone through a muddle of bibles that I just haven't liked. I like Laura/Ben's NIV Study bible, the small blue one. I once had a girl friend (ha!) who bought me an NIV study bible for my birthday. Now, I don't want to seem ungrateful...but I was. You see, she bought me the overly huge Red Life Application NIV Study Bible, which, from my experience was a bit touchy feely and annoying if you ask me, rather than the compact Blue NIV Study bible with fact, figures and history bits. It was just too impractical to use...and the gold leaf came off really soon revealing black lettering...which ruined it all if you ask me. I suppose I really need to get over the 'wow this bible with this cover will change my life, I need to buy it!' thinking, its stupid. I want a bible that I want to read and study, write notes in and know its ok if I scuff the cover. I suppose its a changing in my thinking rather than a changing in my translation.

...tho I do like the look of those small Blue NIV study bibles.

3. While at work, I yawn. When I yawn I cock my head back and open my mouth as wide as it goes and take in as larger gulp of air as I can. My granny would not be amused.
While I'm listing stuff, I might as well give the 'homework' from church a bash.

So, today I am thankful for the following 5 things:

1. Not arriving at work late even though I some how managed to leave my self only 7 minutes to get there.
2. Being able to see Mel this evening.
3. The good relationships I have with everyone here at work, we all have a laugh (mostly at my expense), but I'm happy here. I'm glad I made the choice to say I was a Christian in the first opportunity I had. Even if not much is visibly happening, I think I have changed their perspectives on Christians a bit, so that is good. (Pray for more opportunities not to bible bash but to show my faith.)
4. I was told I cheered someone up.
5. My neck is on the road to recovery, (managed to hurt it somehow last week so I couldn't look to my left, kept on forgetting and so had a painful few days!)
Small things but I am thankful...just gotta keep this up for two weeks now! TWO WEEKS!?

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