Sunday, 15 October 2006

What an extraordinary day

It went from being a complete mess at 11pm last night.
A gibbering wreck at 12am.
Scarey at 1am.
Very nervious at 7am-12pm
Chilled at 1pm
Weird at 2pm
And from 3pm-11:55pm apsolutely peaceful, brilliant, emotional, loving, amazing, relaxed, really fun, happy.

God, you are my God and I will praise you!
How merciful you have been to me this week!
How loving!
How caring and patient!
I can't put into words how grateful I am for you making me the person I am today in spite of everything that has come before. You had a plan, you knew what was going on, so engrave this day on my brain, in my heart, don't let me forget this day. You are in control, you give peace to the restless, hope to the lost, you are strong to deliver, mighty to save. Oh my God almighty, you are gooooood!

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