Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Lord Worketh in...annoying ways

So last night I decided I would get up a bit earlier to listen to some music, pray and read the bible.
I prayed something along the lines of "God, help me get out of bed"

So then at 6:30am when I decided I was going to get up (but decided to sleep longer), I awoke to here some idiot next door listening to the God channel on full wack! I was so annoyed I got up and knocked on their door (with no answer). My annoyance lasted long enough to keep me awake and about 10 minutes later I found myself listening to DC*B, reading a psalm and praying.

Its only when I leave the house do I see my neighbour (who was watching TV)...HES A FREAKIN MUSLIM!!

God you aren't half annoying when you keep to your word...thanks by the way, I really needed that.

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