Wednesday, 18 April 2007

so yeah, ummmm

On sunday morning I'm leading worship at Oak Grove.
I've thought for a while about whether I would even post the above statement or not.
You see, I'm still trying to get my head around it all.

I've just deleted what I was about to say because I think it ended up being ego pumping waffle, so I'll just bullet point things in summary.

  • Its the first time I'm doing it so I'm kinda nervous.
  • I was just reading Phil's article on The Cost of Leading Worship, and its made me realise how much of a very big yet equally small thing this is. (that made sense in my head)
  • My thoughts are wondering if I'm writting this to pump my ego so if this is the case disregard all of the above.
  • I want my focus and everyone else's focus to be on God, not whether I'm playing the right chords or that fact I've never done it before.
  • I worry in my efforts to try and be humble I'm making too much of a big deal out of things and so therefore not being humble, just talking about how I want to be humble (which isn't really humble at all is it?)

1 comment:

sparkles said...

You sound very normal/human to me ;)

You're concerns are valid (and that's not meaning that I don't have faith in you or your capabilities) because it is a responsibility before God, and you want to do your best for Him, (and the people). You are ok. You are great. God is even great obviously.

I'm well proud of you, and God is majorly so.

Btw - in my opinion, if you weren't worried about being humble - then we would need to worry. If that makes sense.