Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Gifts

I'm chuffed to bits. I don't usually like getting christmas presents, don't really see the point, this years were fantastic!

Victor Wooten live at Bass Day 98' from Andrew. This guy does an superb version of amazing grace using harmonics to a silly degree!
Raving Rabbids from Emma. Haven't quite got a chance to play this yet due to my family be round but will blitz it very soon! :)
Ben Folds with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra live in Perth from Jonathan. An amazing show, watched it last night.
Surjan Stevens Presents songs for Christmas. Got this in the post from my friend Annie and I love it! It has stickers, comics and 5 CD's! I listened to some of it yesterday and I love the quietness of some of the songs. I'll definately be posting again about this later.
Bass strings from Pete & Laura (along with some Dave socks!) Pete has a bit of a habit of getting me things that he wants so this was quite cool!

An ironing board from mum, I got kinda sick of ironing in the lounge so this is perfect.

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