Friday, 11 January 2008

A good end to the week

I didn't blog this, but last week was horrible, work just seemed to get worse and worse and I found things frustrating me more and more. If I remember correctly I spent the end of last friday ingnoring everyone I sit with, while I was fumming on the inside, the lack of comunication chilled me out. I...can't be bothered to type more about last week, or this week for that matter, I don't really need to say how it all got better, all I would like you to know is that it did...and I'm here now anyway, sat on the sofa. I'm listening to Paper Route a band that I discovered about 10 minutes ago, (one of the guys from paper route produced the Oceans Above Worship Album check it out!). I've just watched Hair Spray which I thought was really good, ate some pizza and have gone upstairs about 10 times to check on my friend's baby daughter who is asleep. I dunno if 10 is too little or too much, I imagine her mum and dad would just know what to do, but I'm just enjoying this evening and those checks are a bonus (even though they are the point of the evening) if you ask me. You know the song 'I don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith? I get what he was on about now - not that I didn't get it before, it's just clearer now. (so not impressed right now, just did a search for Brave Saint Saturn on google, clicked a link for more info on them, clicked a link for lyrics and then had a bunch of dodgy ads come up on the screen. This my friends, is why I normally use Firefox 2 and ad block plus.)

Anyway, facebook is working again. laters.

stupid internet explorer...

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