Thursday, 20 March 2008

The most awesome youtube comment

I was just watching New Song Cafe on youtube, it's basically a show that shows how to play worship songs. I've found it rather helpful at times (interestingly enough, the song I was watching about 'Yesterday today and forever' by Vicky Beeching showed a different way of playing it with standard tuning. Don't seem to be able to get it tho) and I like it how they get the people who wrote the songs to teach them (David Crowder is awful! He always seems like he has just woken up and doesn't really know what he is playing). Anyway, after watching the video I continued browsing and stumbled upon the actual recording of the song

and found this comment:

"i love this song this song is sO TOUCHING thank you for posting it on youtube GOD BLESS YOU and this song reminds me of one of my fravoite pastor"

I dunno, it just made me giggle.


Phil said...

Man that clip drives me mad!

The guy is either serious patronising or on the pull; "did you write that?"


The chords are pretty simple. Which bit are you struggling with? the open chords or the 'D' over 'everything' bit?

Random comment about the pastor, but I do find the comments on Christian stuff on YouTube to be a bit bizarre sometimes.

Dave said...

"you write that?"
"Yeah? Good singin' too"

Yeah... Peter Furler of the newsboys, I always thought he was a strange one, not really sure what the eye liner is about (

The D over everything bit it ok, I normally use my thumb on the E string, how Vicky does it just looks uncomfortable to me. It's the open chords, she says she only uses two fingers but when I play it just doesn't sound right at all.

Phil said...

Chord 1 (D/F#)
Index finger on low E fret 2
Third finger on G fret 2

Chord 2 (G)
Index finger on Low E fret 3
Third finger on G fret 4

Chord 3 (Bm)
Index finger on Low E fret 7
Third finger on G fret 7

Chord 4 (A)
Index finger on Low E fret 5
Third finger on G fret 6

The low E is used for the bass note and the G is used for major or minor thirds depending on teh chord.

If you're at the sunrise service, I may well be using it then!