Wednesday, 21 May 2008

How to download stuff from youtube

Download Free download Manager, this is a great little program for downloading stuff giving you the option to resume downloads, deal with bit torrents and flash videos (youtube videos).

After you've installed it, copy the link location of the youtube video you want (which should look like this : ... well actually, when I copied it from youtube it looked like this:, you need to delete anything from the '&' onwards, I've highlighted the bit you don't want.

Open FDM and click on the 'add download' blue plus button (see pic)

The URL should be automatically pasted in, but incase it isn't, paste it in the top URL box.

Then check the file is going to be saved in the right location.

The click 'OK' (see pic)

File downloaded, wooo!

Now, how the heck are you going to play it? You might have noticed you are able to play the video and ALSO convert it to other video formats (only just discovered that function a second ago). If you don't want to convert it but want to play it full screen, I recommend Video LAN aka VLC Media Player, not only does it play youtube videos full screen, but it can also play multi regional dvd and pretty much ANY file format you throw at it.

Job done.

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