Monday, 23 June 2008

Couple of things

I'm currently working in a call centre type place and you know what I like about it? No Paper work! So that's all nice, and I like the fact I'm actually earning money, however, (yes, there is a however) I've got to start learning how to do a new product this week- Go Ape.

If you haven't heard about Go Ape, basically you walk about tree tops about 40 feet in the air and climb on things and jump off things... here we find our problem, I'm really scared of heights. It goes back to a climbing trip I went on with my school in year 7. The instructor decided it would be "funny" to let me drop a bit while abseiling and after I went off and had a bit of a cry I was left with my confidence in tatters. Tomorrow I will be visiting Go Ape and going all around it so I can speak to customers and talk about my own experience of it all and I'm pretty scared.

Speaking of scared and being a coward, I didn't contact person 3. Part of me wants to wait for them to call me, but the other part of me knows it will mean SO much more to them if I make the first move. Maybe after I've completed the course I will take my new found confidence and apply it to something useful like my relationships with other people.

oh, and I'd also like to learn the cello, I tried asking if anyone had one I could have or borrow on free cycle but got no responses. If you know anyone, please let me know. (that said, I'm pretty sure cellos are crazy expensive so I'm not really surprised.)

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sparkles said...

You could bribe my sister to let you have a go on hers...

speaking of which - I'm in town from sat for a few days - be nice to see you...