Sunday, 29 June 2008


7:20pm Benvolio
how you doin babe?

7:20pm David
how's it going blood?
I'm good thanks
think I've finally worked out this website thing
and how it could work

7:21pm Benvolio
go on then

7:21pm David
which I'm pretty chuffed about
not yet
I need to speak to a few people first

7:22pm Benvolio
which people?
run the concept by me

7:22pm David
you about tommorrow?

7:22pm Benvolio

7:23pm David
The concept is simple, getting people listening to the music they want to find

7:23pm Benvolio
explain fully wihle I great chease

7:23pm David
nah, I really think facebook is lame for speaking over
I need to write things down
sketch some stuff
but I think I've got the FUNdamentals sorted in my head

7:25pm Benvolio
well if you can't explain in a few sentences what the basic premise is then it sounds like the core idea is too complicated
but I'll manage your operations division when you're a trillionare

7:27pm David

7:28pm Benvolio
seriously - what do you mean let people lsiten to what they want?

7:28pm David
it's not about making money
I mean goth kids who have just become christians
and are gutted that they have to stop listening to the music they like
and walk away from parts of the culture that make them who they are
I mean youth workers who want to use music and music videos as a way of cummunicating the gospel

7:29pm Benvolio
so your website is an introduction to Christian music to a young demographic?

7:30pm David
I mean parents who don't want to say "stop listening to that music" to their kids because they are affaid they will 'rebel' and want to give them music they feel comfortable them listening to

7:31pm Benvolio
so it's for parents?

7:32pm David
its for parents
the curious

7:33pm Benvolio
So to put it in a phrase, it's a website to offer a general introduction to contemporary Christian music

7:34pm David
it's for young (or older) christians who want to share music with people without having to ignore how much their faith may(or may not, I'm trying to change that) reflect their tastes in music
why general?
why does it have to be an introduction?
why be limited like that?
why not cover all genres

7:35pm Benvolio
is not limitiong... is trying to get a clear statement of what you're trying to acheive. lucidity is a virture when outlining the concept

7:36pm David
the idea is to bring everyone in on it
to make it just right for that person
so they see the content they want

7:37pm Benvolio
what is the main competition?

7:37pm David

7:38pm Benvolio
how will you do it differently?

7:39pm David
have you even been on that site?

7:39pm Benvolio

7:39pm David
well I think you'll see

7:40pm Benvolio
if your page loads without a php error message it'll be better already

7:41pm David
haha, that was my point!

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Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

what a strapping young man.

obviously has experience of project management. I'd trust him with your business.. in fact, if you offer him a target orientented salary you could prolly just go read xml for dummies and have a nap while he boomwhops y'all asses