Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hillary's speech

I'll be honest, I didn't really care watch she was saying, it's the people in the back ground that amused me.

There are four types of people I want to focus in on here.

Firstly, there is the Super Fan. He's the guy in the yellow shirt on the left.
He knows the slogans, he knows the party members, he feels like he's part of the Clinton Family.

Secondly, there is Miss Non-committal. She is on the bottom right and while Super Fan is cheering his lungs out, she is trying to get away with the least amount of clapping and cheering that is humanly possibly. However, if you look very carefully, she bobs like Wii Mii character so her subtle references to Nintendo score points in my book.

Next to Super Fan we find out third character, Embarrassed Best Friend. Embarrassed Best Friend sincerely supports Hillary Clinton. He agrees with her views on education reforms and creating opportunities in rural America, however, when Super Fan said he'd got "good seats" he didn't realise he was going to be on international news reports. Fortunately, Embarrassed Best Friend managed to pick up a 'Hillary for President' banner on the way in so he is atleast able to hide behind it when the pressure gets too much.

Lastly Mrs Smiles. Mrs Smiles lives on Sesame street and is on the seat in front of Super Fan. Not much really needs to be said about Mrs Smiles.

Important Moments you need to watch out for:

17 Secs :
Super Fan goes nuts.
Embarrassed Best Friend has been falling asleep, fortuanly, he has his companion Super Fan to wake him up with a start, he then looks at the floor for the first of many times in the evening.
Miss Non-committal, not really sure what to do says "oooooh" and waves her flag a bit.
Mrs Smiles, well, she holds that expression for nearly 20 seconds! Impressive!

23 Secs:
Embarrassed Best Friend looks over and envys the person near the emergency exit.

40 Secs:
Super Fan "I'M ON TV!!!!"
Embarrassed Best Friend forces a laugh, shakes his head and says to himself "never again..."

51 Secs:

53 Secs:
Miss Non-committal "...dart carm" Smiles and nods.

59 Secs:
Super Fan takes a deep breath and begins concentration the severe constipation that has just crept up on him, while this lookslike a short ordeal, 5 seconds is a long time on live TV. It takes the poor guy over 25 seconds to get over the soreness!

1 min 42 secs:
Like Phil Heald at a buffet, Super Fan leads the way.

1 min 44 secs:
Hold up a sec! Hillary is thanking people who are involved, why are the three women behind Super fan and Embarrassed Best Friend hugging!?

1 min 47 secs:
Embarrassed Best Friend "yeah, cheers super fan, keep stealing the attention to people look at us...

1 min 48
Embarrassed Best Friend "...dick!"

You get the point, keep watching!

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