Tuesday, 29 July 2008

short grumble

So I'm sure you've been there, a house full people and washing up becomes an issue.

I'm not really one to moan at people to get theirs done, I would sooner wash up someone else's so I can use the items I want before I say anything. I suppose that's part of my whole argument avoidance I thinking I have in most (honest) domestic situations. So what bugs me? People who aren't amazing at doing their washing up (I'm one of them by the way, did I mention that?) watching someone spend a good half an hour cleaning the kitchen and then asking them to do the odd items that are left over from preparing food before work as if they have been there all week! I mean, neeerrr!

Now that I've vented, I'm going back to packing my life into boxes that have yet to arrive.

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