Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Stolen faith

I've been getting to know a friend of mine alot more recently and faith has come up quite alot. Now, I'm not really going to be explict in my details but I'll just say this, on his year out he said God spoke to him very clearly saying that he loved him exactly for who he was. I can remember at the time thinking how incredible this was and I also remember seeing him worshiping at fridays with everything he had and being inspired. He had this amazing relationship with God that I've not see in anyone in ages, this passionate, real relationship of love for his God.

However, the 'christians' he came into contact with made him feel he wasn't good enough and that God didn't love him for who he was. As he explained this to me this evening I couldn't help but feel a deep sadness for him and I did well up at points, I was also burning with anger.

How dare anyone attack and steal someone's faith like that.
How dare they!?

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sparkles said...

*shares the anger*