Monday, 17 November 2008

I am but a donkey

ok, so the story I was going to post to illestrate the title seems to be lost on the internet so I'll have to come back to that in a minute. Firstly though, watch this again, maybe you missed a bit the first time.

Anyway, so, at momentum Mike P was retelling a story of a little donkey telling his mother about the day he had.

"mum mum, you wouldn't believe the day I had! There I was minding my own business having a rest when a stranger walks up to me, unties me from my post and leads me away from the nice oats I was eating. The next thing I know I'm walking into down with some guy on my back, and the crowds are going wild! They're cheering me on, going crazy for me Mum! They even took of their coats and layed them on the ground so I didn't have to walk through the dirt! They loved me, they REALLY loved me Mum!"
to which his mother responds
"little donkey, you are such a donkey. It wasn't you they were cheering, it was the man you were carrying."

So there I was, packing up on sunday after playing the guitar at the service. I was wearing my hat because I hadn't done my hair and I thought it looked 'cool' with my jumper (never mind the fact it made me sweat like crazy). Then this woman came up to me and said "well I think what you did was amazing, it was such an eye opener" to which I responded:
"well, thanks, um, I did practice quite a bit before hand" and then like a lightning bolt I could almost hear the words "little donkey, you are such a donkey" as I realised how alike I was dressed to the youth group who took part in slum survivor the night before and how she was mistaking me for one of them.

Such a donkey.

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