Monday, 5 January 2009

About last night (or 'A few things about me you might not know')

When I start falling asleep I tend to 'hear' music, not songs that I know I might add and not full songs at that. It's almost like when you're in the shower and you can hear music being played somewhere, you know you recognise it, but can't hear it enough to make it out completely.

I sometimes hear snippets of dialogue.

I go cross eyed (this happens mostly when I'm trying to stay awake in a meeting of some sort (I counter this by looking around the room to keep my eyes on their to speak.)

Anyway, with the whole music and dialogue thing in mind, I started trying to get into the habit of making a record of it somehow. You never know, it might come in handy some day when trying to save the world. (Now that would be cool.) So, on my phone there are random notes and obscure recordings of me (in a semi concious state) trying to recreate what I just heard a semi concious state.

Last night, I was reading my book and heard the odd sound of music and took that as a cue to get some sleep. Many thoughts decided to take up space in my head so I decided to put on some real music to chill me out and send me off to sleep.

as the song started I dreamt and I'll try and describe what I saw.
It was like bluely/purple sand flowing diagonally downwards and it had ripples that seemed to be the notes from the opening guitar riff.

The sand looked so smooth in how it flowed it almost looked like liquid. It grew darker and then the ripples seemed to become more wavy until it they were now horizontal waves, these waves then became the outline of a torso, hip and leg. This half outline became a full silhouette of a beautiful woman. I couldn't see what she looked like (being a silhouette and all) but I couldn't take my eyes off her. I began to forget the music and where it had started. Then I said to myself

"When we worship we make something of beauty, we must not get distracted by what we have made, but let us be distracted by what causes us to worship."

I awoke, wrote it down and went back to sleep. It was easier this time, no music necessary.

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Dave said...

I have to add, when I say we "create something of beauty", I don't mean musically. I mean when we worship whether though art, actions, spoken word, songs or whatever in sincerity to God, it is a beautiful thing that we offer it up to him. We shouldn't get caught up in the fact we are doing it or what it looks like to us to anyone else.