Friday, 6 March 2009


(01:41:15) Vikki: oh. right. for our yearbook page we had to answer a question. "when will you feel you have truly succeeded in life?"

(01:41:22) Vikki: and we only had 5 minutes to answer

(01:41:25) Dave: haha

(01:41:34) Vikki: what would you have said?

(01:46:06) Dave: I would say life like a series of success's and failures and there is never a one point where you are a success. That said, I would say I would feel I have truly succeeded if on the day I die my family, (wife, sons and daughters) felt they were able to say above all things, regardless of financial wealth, health or anything else, they were happy and secure in my love for them.

(01:47:33) Dave: If each day I felt did my best for it to be filled with laughter instead of tears

(01:48:02) Dave: that happy memories weren't just of childhood but also of recent times

(01:48:56) Dave: that they felt I have shown them by the way I lived my life, that they knew how to live theirs, on that day, I would feel I was a success.

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