Monday, 25 May 2009

30 minutes til take off

Jorge, dad, him whatever, he's going back to ecuador on wednesday. On tuesday I am working in the OG office so today is pretty much my only chance to talk to him.
The worst case senario realist (pessemist) in me would believe this could potentially be my last chance to talk to him. Who knows what's over there, he could come back in a body bag.
It's not a nice thought. I don't want to be stuck with these questions without anwsers. I don't think I could forgive myself for not having the bottle to ask them when I had the chance.

so this is it.

Here's what I think I might ask.

I'm thinking of them as I write in no partiular order.

  • When is it ok to use violence in a relationship?
  • Does he admit he was violent towards mum and sometimes my brothers?
  • Did he ever love my mum? (he once said he didn't)
  • If he did love her, how is using violence an expression of love?
  • If he didn't, why did he marry her? (what does my existance mean then? Am I part of a plan to get to a better country or something?)
  • When he moved out, why did he lie about where he was living? (He said he was staying at his friend Mick's house. However everytime you called Mick's house you got the usual "he's just walked out the door". He was infact stay at his now wife's flat.
  • Why has he never made any attempt to discuss what happened?
  • Why had he never made any attempt at reconcilation?
  • Why did he once say "never trust women, all of them are liars" but then marry his new wife?
  • Does he love her?
  • Has he ever been agressive or used violence against her?
I can't help but imagine you'd ask why am I asking these things. Quite frankly I feel it is my right and his responsiblity. What am I trying to achieve? I want to see if he shows any remorse.


sparkles said...

Did you ask?

Dave said...

My brain feels a bit kicked in so I'll leaving it a bit before I update.