Monday, 24 August 2009

"Why is your love so conditional?"

I got a call from Jorge's wife last night. She said he would be coming back in september and wanted to know if I would want to meet up with him.

I didn't really know what do say, but eventually after establishing with her I have no grievances with her I explained what happened when we last met. I said how I tried my hardest not to sway his mind on anything, I tried to get his opinion on things directly from him. What I found was that he was either completely nuts, a horrible person or a liar and a coward.

I tired to explain how I try to surround myself with positive role models and I find him to completely lacking.

And then she said something I totally didn't expect: "Well. maybe when you're older you'll change your mind" She went on to talk about how I hadn't had a father figure around really since I was 7 and that with time I might realise I do actyally want him around.

I was kinda hurt/confused/annoyed. I mentioned how I had recently turned 25 and been told the whole "maybe when you're older" thing since I was 16. I just don't think she got it.
I felt bad to be saying these things to her, talk about her husband is such a way. I appologised and asked her not to repeat these things to him. It's not her job to pass these things on. It would be cowardly of me. I will say them to his face, he needs to know.

And in answer to the question: "Because I'm not God, I'm just a man".
I found that question kinda hurtful too.


Phil said...

"And in answer to the question: "Because I'm not God, I'm just a man"."

Is that a question? Did I miss something?

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