Wednesday, 21 October 2009

an emo post

It's been, well, I don't know how long since I felt I was having a 'downer'. I'm pretty sure I mentioned in recent posts how it had been. Well, it seems for the time being I'll be baring this joy once again.

It makes me wonder, is this a blueprint of what is to come? Am I going to continue in life having internal breakdowns every year til the day I die?

Cutting to the chase, makes me glad stuff with Mel didn't work out. I wouldn't want to be that sort of burden, it feels so weak.

She just called and we talked for a bit, she pointed out this has happened more than a few times before and that maybe going to see the doctor like Sam and Jade suggested a couple of years ago wasn't as much of a ridiculous as I told myself.

I said I would go.


sparkles said...

are you gunna?

Dave said...

Yeah, booked in for friday morning.

sparkles said...