Monday, 3 January 2011

We have things in common

David Crowder Band, Sufjan Stevens, Cool Hand Luke, Phil Wickham, O.C Supertones and a hundred other artists, all of them have covered Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. I find it interesting that a relatively unknown person of Norfolk Church history could write a song that seems to strike a chord with so many even today. I've posted about him in the past, it's rather sad story.

I've never come across a church song that is so honest in it's doubt. I think I've said it before but never mentioned it here before, doubt isn't talked about enough. It's seems it's ok have questions just as long as you're "pressing in" each Sunday, but the moment you question and doubt and stop the Sunday feel good junk, you're some how tarnished with an incredibly unhelpful/unhealthy opinion that says "You better get right with God", like it's some stupid threat.

That's another thing I've realised since I've been away. I can't help but get the feeling church gives out this unspoken message that there's grace for the sinner, but there isn't grace for the doubting Christian. Go figure.

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