Thursday, 27 July 2006

Be my accountablity partner

So, I'm really trying to further myself in being completely honest with people, kinda baring all so people don't misunderstand who I am.
I think sometimes people view me as someone who thinks I have it all sorted out, that I have a holier than thou view on people, or worse still, think I'm oblivious to my failing and short comings.

So heres the deal, I have X3Watch installed on my pc, it logs the websites I go on and if I go on any websites that are unhealthy for me, an email is sent to my accountablity partner telling them about it. In reading this you have just become my new accountablity partner, appearing on my blog will start to appear a run down of any sites that I have been on that aren't good, if you spot any, ask me why I have been on them. Post a comment making me explain why I have been on that website.

Also, I challenge you to do the same, if we aren't accountable for our actions to someone, how can we expect to grow?

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