Monday, 17 July 2006

The last 48 hours

When I wrote 'This morning at church' a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think for a moment I would actually be writting about what I experienced yesterday at church.

I'm in two minds on if I actually want to write about it here. Either way, something happened yesterday that I didn't expect (apart from being completely heart broken), through my floods of tears I felt an arm around me and a hand on my head. I thought it was Chris only to see the shoes this person was wearing. It was the friend I had fallen out with last summer (more info here). I couldn't speak, my heart was overflowing with grief and he continued praying for me.

After what seemed forever, we hugged, I said "I'm sorry" and we talked briefly what had happened in our lives over the last year. Still not knowing what to say or how to act, I invited him over for lunch, it ended up Chris, Dave, Him and I eating burgers in my house.

Right now I still have no idea what to say, there is still alot of stuff I need to get clear in my head, not just with my Dad (who, yet again, has been the cause of my dispair), but also with this old friend. I dunno.

Work was kinda interesting this morning, I almost burst into tears within about 5 minutes of arriving.

My heart was consumed with was happened yesterday, however, I cast my mind back to yesterday evening...and I couldn't help but smile. I spent it with the person I wrote this about, we talked, shared, laughed and hugged. Just thinking about her changes everything. I didn't want to be anywhere else.

Funny thing though, we talk about how she was taller than me, and how she found that to be an issue when we first met (issue is too much of a strong word, lets just say she liked taller men), I never went for girls taller than me. I joked that if we ever did get together, she would get back problems from hugging me.
I do wonder where this is all going with her, but she is so lovely and so worth fighting for.

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