Sunday, 30 July 2006

Its been a interesting two weeks

Well the first thing that stands out for me is that I broke a bone, ok ok it was my little toe, but it still hurt! I manage to catch it on my lace and bend it sideways!

And to be honest, thats all I can remember! I started writing this entry a couple of days ago and now I can't for the life of me remember what I was gonna say. Oh well.

Its been kinda interesting at work, monday marks the end of the second month in my three month probation and to be honest I'm kinda worried. I am currently working in the credit control department of Homeserve Emergency Services, basically I collect debt from insurance companies. Our monthly targets are 70% and as of friday I was at 48%, the thing it, I had a LONG list of payment that were raised at the begining of the month and were due to be paid at the end, now I don't know if that 48% was including those payments or not. If they're not, I'm kinda stuffed, if they are, well, I will be over the moon!

I'll find out on monday morning. The thing is, I am really enjoying this job, I never thought I could deal with working in an office enviroment, I thought I would fine the shirt and tie thing really restrictive, I thought I would be bored out of my mind, but I actually really enjoy this. The people I work with are REALLY nice, the management are dynamic and the company as a whole are going places. I want to be apart of this. I crave the security this job offers of regular hours, decent pay, room for growth...I just have this sinking feeling at the moment I'm going to lose it all.

What am I saying? God gave me this job, either he wants me in it or he has something else planned, I'm trying not to worry, I just want to feel safe in my employment. I want to be able to plan my time, increase my finances, not worry about this but look to the future.

God, its yours, help me to stop worrying.


sparkles said...

aw - how's ya toe?!!

Networkers said...

have you still got a job