Saturday, 5 August 2006

Guess what I did on my birthday

At 2am this morning I walked Mel home, as we arrived, a pain that had been building up since we left mine kinda peaked, I think I've twisted my testicles or something, eitherway, I'm likely to be spending my 22nd birthday in A&E or the doctors. Go ME!

I might add, the fact this happened and Mel was round my house is totally UNRELATED, we spend the evening sat on the sofa talking, then I would fall asleep, start snoring and Mel would wake me up.

I'm gonna laugh when this is all over, if anyone wants to pray for me (laying on of hands is not appropriate) please do so.

Thankyou and goodnight.


Oh wait, might as well update what is going on in life.

  • Mel is now my wonderful girlfriend, I would post a picture but she won't like me take one of her.
  • I'm really enjoying church and am kinda gutted its going down to one service per week for the summer.
  • As I hobbled back from Mel's house I stood in some vomit.
  • I'm learning the piano and can play 'what a friend I've found' thanks to Laura (piano teacher a la bruise)
  • I cycled in some doggy poop lastnight and wondered why this nasty smell was following me everywhere.
  • My boss said to me "oh, didn't anyone tell you? Its your last day today..." when my mini heart attack was over I realised it was maybe a good sign, cos who would joke about sacking someone just before their probabtion period was over!?
  • Mel and I are taking Joshua (her 2 year old son) to see some clowns and story telling people in the city tomorrow, thats on the condition I'm still up and about, as I write this the pain is kinda easing away.
  • I hope my mum (Parental unit 1) hasn't read this cos I haven't told her yet that Mel and I are together, should be interesting. :D
  • Mel and I have been discussing, (I say discussing, I mean talking to death), two things recently: "Can you lose your salvation?" and "Should women be allowed to speak in church." Its made me realise how much I really don't know my bible and I'm finding it kinda shocking that I ever worked for YFC with such a lacking in knowlege. Mel was saying that you should repent for everything and if you don't you're sinning and therefore losing your salvation. Now, that founds completely nuts to me, the idea that I could lose and gain my salvation numerous amounts of times in one day seems silly. Its leaving too much to chance. Anyone care to post verses to look at? I don't mean answers, just placed where I can find out for myself.
Erm, can't be bothered to post more at this point in time, I want to sleep so this pain will go away and the morning will come quicker (my new pc is hopefully be delivered).
One thing tho, I wondered if Jorge (parental unit 2) will make any contact in the morning? Much as I'm really not up for talking to him, him making an effort would be nice...but probably too much to expect.

Big smiles everyone! Go grab today by the nuts! (or just anyone's but mine)


Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...


congrats again on Mel

Dave said...

Wooo, pain gone, I'm back into the *swing* of things now...a

Dave said...

OOo and Mel, yes yes, indeedy goood!