Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Honesty to the point of ouchness

You know, I was very close to deleting some of my posts a moment ago but I haven't.
I think alot of people have got me wrong over the years, some people think I'm really up myself, taking the holier than thou approach to people, that I look down on others for not sharing the same ideas as myself, that I am pretty much up my own arse to be honest.

With this blog I prefer to try and bare all, the result of this is that people see the parts of me I sometimes wish they didn't. Is it just to grab attention? Am I really so desperate to have people take interest in my life that I post stuff I know people will be nosey enough to read? No.
I post like I do because I want people to see the journey I'm on, the fact I have great months and stupid days. Its a funny read looking at what I have written, its snap shots of the highs and lows I have been through, and (again) to be perfectly honest, it can be calculated and will easily fit with how I'm walking with God.

I'm a stupid and flawed individual, I make the same mistakes, deeply offend the ones I love, and get it wrong over and over again. But in this, while my face is cooling down and the redness is going, I'm crawling back to God, (who I might add), I found out the other day, has been my real Dad all along and I just didn't know it.

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Helen said...

that's a really cool honest post thanks