Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Throw dice

"I see brothers throw dice/
and not act so nice when they're not winning/
and you should see the way they treat women/

I attack the block by block/
Take my street back/
But its hard to roll a boulder up a hill so/

Hand over hand I sharpen my skill/
And step by step I know that one day I will/
See the getto made into heaven after armageddon/
but for now we hold weapons/

Cuz there ain't not peace in the street/
Where mothers gotta steal for kids to eat/
And most fathers feel they gotta kill to compete/

You hear the Hiphop block partying with the gun shot/
Cuz real bangers use fear and guns to get props/"

Father Locust aka DIRT is back.
This is real Christian HipHop.

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