Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Me in 5 words apparently

So I was talking to my department manager how he asks people pretty hard questions.
The example I used was that he asked me to describe him in 5 words after only knowing him for about 5 minutes. (Another good one was: "What were my expectations of you on the staff day?")

Anyway, I said they were pretty crazy questions to ask and that he couldn't do it about me after knowing me for 5 months. However, he gave it a bash. (I was quite intruiged how much thought he put into it. You could see it on his face he was thinking deeply.)

Anyway, he came up with the follow:


Thoughtful (but he later crossed this one out)


Consciencious but


Self Respect

I'm not so sure what I make of it all. I mean, what is he getting at with 'innocent'? Is innocence a bad thing? Is that because I don't enter into conversations and read emails that other people in the office do? Because that doesn't equate innocence. Or maybe the word he was looking for was naieve and was just too polite to say it?

Its cool speaking to him, I can be honest. He said something today and then said "I suppose I have offended you now haven't I?" to which I responded "not offended, slightly annoyed." I wouldn't dare say that to any of the management, but with him, he knows I say what I feel. I think he appriciates that.

In other stuff, it turns out the MD and the rest of the management are going to SERVE the staff Christmas dinner, I said to my dept manager that I had commented on this to someone who responded to something along the lines of "wow, thats a kinda church thing to do isn't it?!"
He laughed and made a comment about the management being Christians to which I responded "see? There is hope for you yet! I'll have to come back from this conference I'm going to and pray for you all"
He smiled, he won't admit it I'm sure, but I think he liked that idea because he just doesn't know what will happen.

Anyway, I'm of with Ruth to this conference, I have no idea whats gonna happen, what God will say, but I'm giving it a bash with open eyes, ears and heart.

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