Thursday, 19 October 2006

Notes from the first session

Such love, such love,
Such love is this for me.

11.37 19/10/2006
lts weird, where as normally l wouldn't be effected by people with flags, l was captivated by its beauty.
Also, this older woman was going around waving her flag over people & it struck me she was praying for people.and it was like she was asking God's presence to fall on people.

11.51 19/10/2006
The speaker just said about people who have come to this conference like people going to the pool of bathesda, they believe in healing, the just don't think it will happen today.
Sounds like me oddly enough!

12.00 19/10/2006

Isaiah ch 42 v 8

12.10 19/10/2006

Isaiah ch 11 v 2 - Spirits of the Lord, not Holy Spirits, subservient meaning angels.
Also spoken about in Revelation ch 5 v 6

12.17 19/10/2006

Our calling is NOT to be prophets & apposles, it is to be Sons & Daughters of God!
This guy is REALLY speaking about healing!

12.24 19/10/2006

Isaiah ch 2 v 22

12.33 19/10/2006

This woman keeps on yelling "WOAH!" "WOO!"

12.35 19/10/2006

She now has a companion.

12.37 19/10/2006

We have attacked unrighousness with legalism and condemnation not grace and love.

12.45 19/10/2006

Luke ch 12 v 32

13.14 19/10/2006

I was SO BROKEN but You rescued me.
You heard my cries, I sobbed and groaned and l had never known such anguish and dispair, but you heard me even when you were up so high & l was so low. You stoopped down so much lower than l thought l already was to scoope up all of me. I laid broken in your hands, you saw all of my fragile frame in all of its inperfections, you saw all of my heart with all of its disobdience and pain...and you had mercy.

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