Monday, 23 October 2006


Just messed up my graphics card, care to come a fix it for me Ben?

What else? Oh yeah, this is my 101st post (you could have spent your time a bit better rather than reading this!) Erm, I'm having a bash at learning the books of the old testiment (kinda gave up on learning an actual book like I wrote about a few months ago), am now reduced to lists (and I'm pretty pooh at that too!)

God said alot of stuff at the conference...granted he left it till the last 30 minutes before he said anything, but hey, his timing is alot better than mine so I can't grumble. Gotta think stuff over...oh and go to bed.


Oooo one more thing!

I have decided we ALL need to be alot more like Jehoshaphat. Got a problem? Why even bother relying on your own strength when you KNOW God is "MIGHTY" to save!?
Yeah, go explain that one numb nuts.

ok, I lied.
I worked out why religion is a stupid thing yesterday, but I'll explain that another time.

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