Monday, 14 May 2007

Curse you! *shakes fist*

So much as Linux is very good, (I'm hugely impressed with Ubuntu), I'm yet to get wireless internet working on it so here I am on Emma's laptop (boo!)

I was bored this evening, I have increasingly realised that I just do nothing with my evenings. A lot of my friends live on the other side of norwich and so I never get to see them and so I just end up at home online, playing my guitar or watching TV. Its a pretty dull existence really. The social highlights of my week are band practice on Tuesdays and church on sundays (woo!).

So yeah, faced with spending the evening in my room as my housemate was having her small group over I decided to go for a bike ride. It ended up being really good actually, I haven't cycled for ages and I forgot how much I miss the air in my hair, the smell of leaves, the speed and buzz of going over jumps. All good stuff really, so 7 miles later, I stopped off at my mum's, got a drink, used the phone and froze my arse off on the way home. Something I noticed on the way home, it appears I will slighty scared of the dark. I blame my brother, every night when I was younger he used to stand at the top of the stairs and jump out on me. I know he was there I just didn't know which side he was on. Alas, I've been scared for life. Git.

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