Sunday, 13 May 2007

One step beyond...and stuff

So I'm going for it, no turning back, 20 minutes from now and I will be on my journey to the otherside. Its kinda scary, it could all go horribly wrong, I might end up regretting it all, but then again, (I like commas), it might just turn out for the better.
Yes, goodbye windows, I'm going to Linux.
Its funny, I thought about writting this post about half an hour ago and it read alot better in my head.

So anyway, about my room. Ben has seen it, Emma has too, and they both agree its a bit of a state. Actually, they wouldn't say that at all, because 'a bit of a state' isn't really cutting it to be honest. Its a mess, a bomb site, a pit, a dump and hole of a sleeping area. The weird thing is, somewhere at the back of my mind I have always thought the state of my room summed up the state of where my head was at.

Now, I'm not really sure if entertaining that sort of thought is really a good idea. I mean, if you saw it (you will, don't worry), and you were told before the grand unveiling "The state of my room is a direct reflection of how I'm feeling", I think you would be kinda worried. Its strange, saying that kinda does sit well with me, but the extent of the mess that it is at the moment I don't think would be completely accurate.

Anyhoo, much as I planned on finishing this, Annie has just so I'm on the phone to her now. Will write more in a bit...on LINUX!

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