Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Facebook and "Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus"

"Religious.....? follower of christ"
"Philosophical Christian"
"Follower of Him"
"Follower of Christ"
"Christian - Baptist"
"Jesus loves me."
"There is no-one like Jesus!"
"I Love Jesus"
"Christian - emerging church"
"i am a voice crying out in the wilderness."
"Christian and loving it!"
"Full on woman of God!!"
"Christian Anglican"
"Jesus is My Homeboy"
"Im not religious, I live by Grace"
"Christian - Protestant"
"messy Christian"
"Ain't nothing but a G thang baby!"
"Jesus. yes indeed"
"In The God Squad"
"Bible Christian"
"I believe in the power of the mighty boosh."
"Christian - Non Conformist Upstart"
"I heart JESUS"
"Loving the big man upstairs"
"Christian - Not Pentecostal"
"No thanks"
"Christian, mostly.Muslim monday evenings"
"Loving the Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength"
"Christian - down with the big JC!"
"Christian and flippin proud"
"Saved by the grace of God"
"Christian - Cynical"
"Meh Who Knows!"
"Christian and proud! :)"
"God rocks"
"Big up JC"
"to him in whom all things find their purpose..."
"God is Freaking Brilliant"
"Christian - The Universal Body of Jesus Christ"
"I believe they call me a 'Christian'"
"Living it all for God, he is my everything"
"Not an atheist"
"I don't like religion: I love Jesus"
"Leave me alone"
"religion kills, Jesus saves."
"Christ Centred"

Its an interesting thing this Facebook thing.
I've been thinking for a while about how people label themselves when it comes to the 'religious views' section in the profile.

While alot of my christian friends just list themselves as this, alot however, have a tendancy to almost cover it up with something else. Not that they are trying to cover up they are christians, I think its because basically Christians as a whole don't really have a great repretation. Alot of people view christians as individuals who want to shove religious or moral views down the closest throat.

I think alot of people are also trying to distance themselves from the concept of religion. "Who wants religion when you can have a relationship?" "Religion is man's attempts to reach God. Jesus is God's attempt to reach man." It seems everyone I've met has had some sort of experience of church or christians, most of that is negative "Christian - Not Pentecostal" is a fine example from one of my friends in america.

Nobody wants to be labled as a 'jesus freak', no matter how much we are told in as song (that I might add, has the most most horrid intro I have ever heard), this is actually cool. We were only talking today about the miracle of Pope John Paul II at work. The catholic in the office also tired to distance herself from that.

I think what alot of people are trying to do is try and get people to find out about them, who they really are, their story, instead of just letting people get the wrong idea from the word 'christian'.

Me? "I'm an already-but-not-yet, resurrected, fallen man."

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