Tuesday, 16 October 2007

about being in a group of people who make noise to help other make some too

Ok, watch the video from 5:09 to 5:00 - (it counts down.)

(I'll point out now, its a cartoon clip from kill bill, the scenes before and after 5:09 to 5:00 are bloody.)

So, if you watched that clip, you'll understand what I mean when I had one of those sort of moments this evening. (No, I didn't wimper.)

We were talking about when we are leading the church is worship, sometimes we are able to worship as we play but we have to really kinda be in two minds so we can think about what we are doing, sometimes we have focus on what we are doing to make sure we get the right notes, and other times we are about to just let go, worship God and the music bit just happens.

I raised the question, "if we are able to sometimes "worship god and the music bit just happens", surely this is something we could do all the time and did the group think this was possible. As soon as I said it, it kinda set people off talking (even though we were about to do something else.) I thought about that scene in kill bill and wished I could have done the same thing.

The someone else asked the question, is it really nessary to be able to worship and let go when our act of worship really is about serving the church. I only really had the answer that "it made me feel better...and at that point I kinda shut up thinking I had probably revealed something in me I was only just getting my head around.

But then on the way home, I thought some more about it. Surely, if you are in love with someone, you show them your affection because you love them. Its an overflow of the heart and it makes you feel all 'loved up' doing it! (its a great feeling I might add). While you aren't necessarily getting something back, that giving makes you feel good. Why should that be any different with worship? You are expressing adoration and affection to someone you love, the feeling you get some that is natural and surely seeking that every time we play isn't a bad thing?

I know I've missed some (if not all of the point) so please chip in!

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