Sunday, 7 October 2007

I dunno what to say

Part of me just want to moan, another wants to complain, another wants to express hurt, however I'm very aware I will probably end up hanging out my dirty washing in public. (I'm not hugely keen on that.)

I went out with some friends the other night to celebrate and say farewell to our beloved Ruth Alexander who is off to Africa this friday. It seemed like a good number of people turned up and was having a good time. However one person (I know I haven't blogged in ages, but will still try and remember not to name drop) there was being really off with everyone. They started blanking everyone. Everyone picked up on the general not to cheery mood of said person so tried not to make much of it. However, it kinda got harder as this person started necking pints and being rather abusive to people.

Ok, so we left and kinda just laughed it off, I mean what else do you do?

We walked to the next pub and ended up arranging to meet this person again (they had decided to walk the 3 miles home) so they could be driven home rather than supported.
So there am I, walking with a friend and this person. It was kinda uncomfortable as some of their aggression was aimed at me, but anyway, as.

Forget this, I'll get to the point.

I'm really hurt by the fact this person made a joke in front of everyone about the fact I was depressed from 15-18. No scratch that, I'm angry.
My initial response was to laugh but as I thought more about what had just been said I realized it all out of spite, it was the lowest blow this person could have used and they did it.

But do I be angry or just pity them? I mean, I came through those 3 years ok. I don't turn to drink when I'm in a situation I can't control. I don't need it for confidence. I can control my anger.
Yeah, "I pity the fool." (well, I had to put in a lame joke somewhere, right?)

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