Monday, 8 October 2007

I'm really quite daft

I read stuff like this and then wonder why I don't seem to be able to learn from things I seem to have only just learnt. That make any sense?

Anyhoo, I bought Leigh Nash's album 'blue on blue' today. I got a tip off that a copy was all alone in the SPCK bargin bucket so I couldn't resist! In case you don't know, Leigh used to be the lead singer from Six Pence none the richer. I love her voice, the track 'Ocean Size Love' is just prefect.

I decided the other day I wanted to leave my job. Well, thats not entirely correct, I planned to leave 5 months ago, it just didn't all quite go to plan.

When I got my job, I made it quite clear I had the intention to leave after about a year, but it seems to have been forgotten somewhere along the way. I'm sure I've blogged about this before but I've got grand plans to get a christian music website up and running. The plan was to work in an office for the first year, this would pay for me to move out and save up some money. After this, I would get another job that would give me more time to develop the website.

The thing is, the 9-5 routine doesn't let me do that.

bum, how did it get to midnight so early!?


Phil said...

Have you emailed that guy yet?

Dave said...

I had a quick look at the website the other night. Will drop him a note tonight. Thanks for the shove. ;)