Monday, 21 January 2008


31 May 2006 13:48
To: Dave
Subject: Re: wooeeee I'm tired

Especially when you consider that the velocity of any vole running towards freedom is in fact inversely proportional to the cash value of his mouse-rat inbred friend, whether or not said rodent companion has promised freedom or not. Expressed thusly:

V/P = M(P/V) + n (M x (n to the power of M)
V= vole velocity
M= value of mouse-rat
P= the promise of freedom
n = the weight in kilograms of the first Orang-Utan to sail (solo) across the Atlantic.
What conclusions can be drawn?

On 5/31/06, Dave wrote:
Hmmm, Berlin eh? Now, I think its pretty cool I have managed to find £120 I didn't know I had, this combine the velocity of a small vole running towards the freedom he has been promised by his mouse-rat inbred friend named Herbie = I'm up for it. This can be simplified using the equation:
c120+V{f~h}= >_<
C= Cash
V= Vole
F= Freedom
H= Herbie

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