Saturday, 9 February 2008

Praying in the shower

so there I was, in the shower pondering whether I should shampoo and condition again when my thoughts turned to an conversation I had with a friend the other day -

My brain does that alot in the shower, I'm sure I have mentioned it before. Showers are the best place for thinking, maybe someone should redesign the common shower to take advantage of this great feature! I mean, the mobile phone was never meant to be too focused on txting, txting just happened to be an extra function. When it did catch on phone makers set about making their products more ergonomic with txting in mind (button positioning, menu layout etc). Anyway, someone should do that with showers and thinking.
he was saying how he wasn't praying or reading his bible and his relationship with God was pretty much non existent. And I thought to myself, "I should really pray for him". But I didn't. My brain logic was that "my relationship with God isn't so peachy at the moment either, so how can I really pray that someone sorts theirs out if I haven't sorted mine?" Seemed like a plank and speck situation to me.

Why do I do that? I'm sure I've said it a ton of times but in case I haven't, I once heard Mike Pilavachi say how "God isn't like our Dad's, if we upset him, we don't have to wait until he cools down." Why don't I live in that knowledge? While writing this I have been reading a bunch of other entries I've written that pretty much says the same stuff, why do I keep on saying "Why did I forget this!?" Muppet.

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