Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Be inspiring

I like it how my brain creeps up on me and then just comes out with something completely unrelated to the situation I'm in. I was walking past Tescos yesterday and it struck me that in life it should be our goal to be inspiring.

It's not really rocket science, nothing particularly original but maybe (for me) it's good to ponder things I don't normally think about much.

Of the people that I know, there are some that have something particularly special about them. For some they are great encouragers and offer sound advice, others are gifted and passionate about music and are great at sharing that with other people. I know some who are great listeners and possess an incredible amount of patience. I have friends who create incredible works of art though the mediums of dance, theater, paintings and sculpture. Once of my friends is currently working in a nuclear power station after finishing his physics phd at Durham, he can break down the most complicated theories and laws into conversation over coffee. I once had a friend who was an extremely talented BMX rider and had won many competitions over the UK, he was going to get into motocross where I'm sure he would have excelled. I have friends who are (from what I observe) great Husbands or Wives.

In all of these people (and the long list of others I couldn't be bother to write about), their parents have inspired them in some way. Their actions may not have been directly related to that 'special something', but it has inspired their child(dren) to be who they are and be amazing at it.

It was an interesting thought to have when you're walking past Tescos whilst not feeling particularly inspired.

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