Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Songs that people sing when together

Have I ever blogged about the b-boy approach to worship?

The W says "street corner DJ's would take the rhythmic breakdown sections (or "breaks") of dance records and string them together without any elements of the melody" or in otherwords "taking the best bits of songs and mixing them together." So anyway, that's the basic idea. I love the idea of taking a line or a verse from a song and using it in worship. Why can't we take bits from songs people already know and have sang many many times before and bring it into the church.

For example:

am I the only one to sing this part of the song as worship? (am I sounding all holy right now? I don't feel it)

I once had a bash as doing this when I once led at OG by doing a mash up of a Hungry by Kathrynn Scott with Switchfoot's ('On Fire'). It completely changes the feel of the song and I now play it like that all the time.

I gotta shoot, I'll update this later.

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