Friday, 4 April 2008

Christmas feeling

I saw a guitar in a shop yesterday and I would really like to buy it.

Pretty ugly isn't it, I dunno what it is about it tho, I just want it - that doesn't mean I'll buy it.
Anyway, it's called the Airscreamer and is the signature guitar for a band called The Trailer Park Troubadours (have a listen).

I've been looking all over and don't seem to be able to find a review of it apart from one person on a forum who said it's kinda uncomfortable but sounds amazing.

What also got my attention was that it was for sale at about £150 less than anywhere else so I'm half tempted to buy it, give it a nice clean and sell it on.

Anyway, so I started listening to the band on myspace and think their songs are very funny.
Highly recommend "The King of Christmas", "Frank the Christmas Turkey", "Christmas at the Trailer park" and the funny but also kinda touching "Mary Lous Christmas List".

Heh, the band celebrate the Trailer trash life style so it's kinda funny (if not a bit mean) that this photo was taken.


Em said...

That is rather cool in an incredibly trashy way! You gonna get it?!

Dave said...

If I manage to get the whole job situation sorted by the end of the month (and it's still in the shop), I will definitely and go see how it plays.